Saturday - November 26, 2022
ON Digital Cities


ONMetro is a rapidly growing network of local media-class websites spanning across the United States, and eventually expanding worldwide. It is a service of ON Digital Publishing which was founded in 2009 and has been building and field testing Digital Cities with this technology ever since.

We call our Digital Cities “media-class” because they offer much more than simply a website – they constitute a complete digital publishing business for your local market. Each Digital City is expected to quickly build search engine page rank, traffic, social media activity, reader engagement, and income from multiple revenue sources. We expect our Digital Cities to compete head-to-head with other established media in your market, like Newspapers, TV/Radio Stations, Tourism Bureaus and Chambers of Commerce. We even expect some of these entities to become local partners in some communities.

Started by long-time internet entrepreneur, Steve Holmes, who built his first Digital City in 1995, which later won awards for the best website of 1998 in Illinois and the 2nd best website of 1998 created by an Iowa company. Even back then, his digital slogan was “We Think and Link Communities”, and we proudly continue its use today at ON Digital Publishing.

Unlike other local marketers who are selling local websites that they are still defining, tweaking and testing, the Digital Cities we build are based upon more than 20 years of established experience and success. Not only is the model already defined, developed and reproducible, but it is being operate successfully in many cities by us and our local partners.

We’re so excited by the results-to-date from our early Digital Cities, that we’re proceeding full speed ahead on development of our entire network of more than 300 local Digital Cities planned across the United States, and we’ve already secured valuable domain names for each of these cities. These domain names are mostly based upon the simple and easy to remember formula of or, and we’ve been quietly collecting these URLs for more than three years. We’ve already published great sites at,, and many more. These domain names alone are worth a great deal, and all of the Digital Cities in our network will not only be listed among all the others at, but will also be featured when is launched later this year.

We’re also looking for local partners for each Digital City, along with writers, photographers, videographers and sales representatives. Cities with interested partners and team members will automatically move up the priority list for development, so be sure to contact us right away if you are interested in joining your local Digital City.

Additionally, there are already opportunities for local, regional and national sponsors and advertisers to gain widespread visibility on on the dozens of Digital City websites we’ve already built and made live.

Benefits of ONMetro over other local media sites include:

  • Built on the industry leading WordPress Content Management System for performance, ease of use and compatibility with thousands of other WordPress plugins and functionality. Sites come with WordPress training videos pre-installed and with 29% of all websites built on WordPress, it is easy to hire knowledgeable staff.
  • Each site is custom designed for each individual locale, instead of being simply a proprietary cookie-cutter template and no real local flair.
  • Created by professionals who specialize in developing high-end custom technology in WordPress